Hi, I’m Brittany, and I am honoured to be supporting Liptember.

I began working for JPFLM in April 2023, and prior to this was unaware of the work they do to support woman and their mental health.

Mental health does not discriminate and can affect anybody at any point in their life. I feel very fortunate to be one of the lucky ones who have not dealt with mental health on a large scale personally – but can understand and have witnessed it take hold of some of the strongest women I know.

Organisations like Liptember I believe to be fantastic as it starts the conversation and allows the breakdown of stigma around mental health.

Back in 2016, as a 26yo woman I welcomed my first baby, a gorgeous little baby boy who we named Tommy. He was perfect in every way – despite he seemed to be allergic to sleep! That is where the sleep deprivation set in. At the time, I was naïve, very very naïve. I honestly believed my life was going to be lattes and pilates with my girlfriends and I was SO WRONG!

In hindsight, and along with education I have received from such organisations like Liptember, i now realise that was the start of my path down to post-natal anxiety. I wasn’t aware at the time, nor even a year later! It has only dawned on me in the past few years that what I was feeling and thinking was not normal and something that should have been addressed.

Thankfully that’s a thing of the past, but it makes me consider other new mums who, like me did not have the education about woman’s mental health – and nor did my family to support me.

Together with all the JPFLM staff we are supporting this wonderful foundation and I hope you do to.

Many thanks,

Click here to head to our fundraising page to make a donation: https://www.liptember.com.au/jpflmteam