Welcome to my family law practice.

Based in Jimboomba, Queensland, I offer family law and mediation services throughout the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich and Scenic Rim local areas, as well as online mediation via Zoom, Australia wide!

Coming from a background of family, domestic violence, and child protection law, I am confident I can support and guide your family on your journey through separation, and out the other side. My aim is to empower you to make the decisions about your family’s future, rather than placing it in the hands of a court, and exhausting your time, money, and emotional stability along the way.

If you aren’t sure whether I can help you and your situation, why not reach out and chat with me – I believe in the services I offer and trust in the results it can achieve.

Separation is hard. It’s time to separate better.

Latest from the Blog

Are my stepchildren still my step children if we aren’t married?

In short, yes. De facto relationships are now recognised under the Family Law Act and in many other legal frameworks and jurisdictions in Australia and internationally. No different to if you have children with one another and are unmarried, you will still bears the same rights and responsibilities as you would regardless of whether you…

Can my stepchildren stay with me if my partner dies?

If your partner dies, and your stepchildren were in their primary care, what happens? This is a complicated legal matter because there is no one, simple, straight path to the answer. The outcome will rely on considerations under family law, succession law and potentially child protection and domestic violence laws, depending on the parents and…

Can I have contact with my stepchildren after separation?

Separation and divorce are ‘par for the course’ in today’s society. Some people are guns and birdie it. The rest of us are probably putting our way to double bogies. If you don’t get the golf analogies, then simply put – you are just as likely to split up from your partner as you are…

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