Estate Planning

Whether you have recently separated or divorced, married, or welcomed a child to your family, it may be time to think about how you will look to protect your financial security into the future.

At JP Family Law & Mediation, we work with our clients to build the picture of the life they want for their family, including in the event that anything should go wrong. This isn’t just about what happens when you die, but what happens in the event of significant life changes that might limit your ability to control decisions.

Every year we pay insurances for our home, contents, cars, health, pets… we even pay insurance on finance over our cars and homes that are also covered by insurance. Yet, we often don’t even think about it, let alone question it. Some of us are so busy we just let it roll over year after year, with money exiting our account, and assuming we are protected.

We are protected, right?!

Strangely, though, we treat things like income protection and life insurances as ‘luxuries’. Yet they protect the most important thing in the world. Us and our families.

Don’t look at estate planning as an inconvenience. Look at it as an investment. That’s what it is. 

And you don’t even have to pay for it year after year. How good is that?


Powers of Attorney


You probably have a fair idea of what a Will is and what it means. You may even already have a Will and be looking to update it.

In essence, your Will is the document containing your wishes for what you want to happen when you die. 

You will nominate someone to be in charge of carrying out your wishes, determine who you wish to receive your assets (including how and when), and name the person you wish to care for your children if you have any at that time.

We will discuss with you how you picture your family’s life to look when you are gone, and consider what your Will needs to include to best ensure that picture is realised, and you and your family are protected.

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Powers of Attorney

If you have ever experienced a sudden crisis happen to a friend or family member, you may have also observed the difficulties faced by their family and loved ones in dealing with the crisis.

Enduring Powers of Attorney allow you to nominate a person or persons to act on your behalf if you are ever unable to do so yourself.

This could include times that you are incapacitated such as unconscious in hospital, or suffering from a mental health episode. You can even nominate for your Attorney(s) to operate on other occasions, such as when you are out of the country.

You can even have the power commence immediately, and allow someone to act on your behalf for convenience. Provided you trust them, of course.

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