Overview of JP Family Law & Mediation Services

From negotiation through to agreement, let us guide you through your co-parenting journey in a thoughtful and considered way. Your children deserve the very best of you, and it is the view of JP Family Law & Mediation that a parent can only be their best when they are well supported and informed on how to achieve the right outcome for their family.

We can assist to formalise your agreement by way of:

  • Parenting Plans
  • Parenting Agreements
  • Consent Orders

The vision to separate better has a focus on keeping families out of court, reducing conflict, and achieving outcomes that work for everyone involved.

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Property and financial settlements can be frustrating, confusing and mentally draining both you and your former partner. They can also be just another way of prolonging the conflict and emotional drain of the breakdown of your relationship. In either case, no one wants to be sitting in a space of trying to end the financial ties for any longer than necessary.

Let us look at the numbers for you. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to break it down and put it back together in a way that can work for you and your former partner in a practical and realistic way, within the framework of family law. Sometimes, it just takes another set of eyes to find a way out of the maze that your financial and property situation can become.

We also have links to industry specialists who can support you beyond the legal process, including financial planners, accountants and real estate professionals.

At JP Family Law & Mediation, we will help you to formalise your settlement by way of consent orders or financial agreement as deemed appropriate. It is made as simple as possible, with the aim of working together and keeping everyone out of court.

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At JP Family Law & Mediation, we do everything in our power to give you the power to create your own future. Sometimes, this means bringing you and the other person together for mediation, or family dispute resolution. 

When you feel that you are well informed of your rights and responsibilities, maybe you already have parenting orders in place, or you have had some legal advice around what might be a reasonable financial settlement, it can often be empowering, efficient and effective to enter into mediation.

Mediation, or family dispute resolution, gives you a forum in which you can share with the other person not just your ideas on how your separated family can move forward, but the why behind those ideas. The ‘why’ is often the missing piece of the puzzle, and you would be amazed at how many people can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles when they finally understand the reasoning behind the other person’s wants and needs.

If you need convincing, check out the Resources on this site for some blogs about the benefits of mediation.

Often forgotten in the midst of separations are Wills, Powers of Attorney, Enduring Guardianships and Advanced Health Directives.

It is vital that, following a change in your relationship, be that the end or the beginning, that you revisit your estate planning. There are numerous risks that run with failing to do this, like your former partner retaining legal rights to make decisions for you when you are unable, or inadvertently benefitting from your estate if you pass away.

Along with separation can come blended families, and this offers a similar labyrinth of legal rights and responsibilities for which you should seek advice to allow you to better navigate and make appropriate decisions.

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Domestic and Family Violence

The support, assistance and guidance I can offer you as a lawyer goes above and beyond the application of the law.

As someone who has been there, I understand. I understand why you stayed. I understand how hard it was to leave. I understand how guilty you feel and how much you blame yourself.

I also understand that not every perpetrator acted intentionally. I know that not all perpetrators did so from a place of narcissism or superiority. I understand that some perpetrators need help and I want to work with those who want that help. Abusive actions can stem from insecurity, mental health, substance misuse and trauma, and I am ever willing to support those who want to address these issues and work to a better future.

If you need support leaving a domestically abusive relationship, do not hesitate to reach out. 

I am here when you need me.


Divide & Conquer Separation Coaching

This is my favourite part of my job.

Separation Coaching allows me to work with you one on one around not just the legal aspects of separation, but what we can do to improve your whole world moving forward.

This work is all about supporting you through the big changes, guiding you on how to best deal with the legal processes, as well as working out the ways you can maximise your financial independence, manage your physical and mental wellbeing and health, as well as supporting your little people.

We will do all the things and get the best results we can for you. You’ve got this. And we’ve got you. Book in now and get started!

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